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307 Media

Cinema Quality Content

Captive Story Telling

307 Media is a partnership between Nadia Kafu (producing) and Roel Kyvelos (directing, camera and edit). They combine over 40 years experience in Media Production and now join forces to produce High Quality Content on Covid Proof (max 2) sets. They deliver fast and ss a 2-man-band keep costs low and lines short. They love telling Captive Stories in all forms:

Online Content - Commercials - Documentaries - Series - Shorts


Projects & Prospects

Press the Button for Projects. 307 Media focus mainly on real people and real stories in any shape or form. They love listening to clients and make them happy, they ask questions, come up with a plan, but won't lose themselves in scripts and storyboards. They don't expect people to act, nor do they want to. This process is the most relaxed and always works out. And more.


Recruitment Video's

Reality Series

Our gear

4K Cinema Quality in a Backpack

This Small Powerhouse makes shooting up close and personal, non intruisive and fast and easy to use. No more waiting on set and no-one will notice they are shooting Cinema Quality Content.





+31 6 36139752
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Nadia Kafu
Founder / Executive Producer
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